Join The Cornell Daily Sun’s Blogs Section

The Cornell Daily Sun: Blogs, an online-only publication, aims to publish in-depth, personal accounts on facets of student life that resonate with larger portions of the Cornell community. Our mission is to allow surprisingly shared perceptions to materialize through our stories, showcasing how connected we are.

This fall, we introduce several subsections dedicated to lifestyle, travel, business and political topics (and more) to allow our readers to easily navigate the site for articles based on their interests. This is an effort to better organize content and emphasize relevant topics that will establish a wider reader base among college students and young adults, many of whom find our material online.

We search for writers who not only communicate themselves clearly, but also establish a strong rapport with their readers through a keen understanding of their topics and empathy for the audience. Our goal for recruitment is to gather a team of people who wish to dedicate their time and effort to share meaningful ideas and concepts.

Please submit your application to by August 17, 2016. We look forward to reading it, and good luck!


1. Please provide your name, year and college.

2. What other extracurricular activities are you involved in? If you are an incoming freshman, what did you enjoy doing in high school or what are some of your hobbies?

3. Why do you want to write for Blogs?

4. Choose a subsection you are interested in writing for. In addition, what would you name your blog? The subsections are: Life (Travel, Lifestyle, Culture, Health, etc.), Business, Politics and Entertainment.

5. What is something unique you can offer to the Sun? To the students reading your articles?

6. Name 3 writing projects you want to focus on for the upcoming year that would be of interest to Cornellians. This can be a special type of article, a series of articles, etc. Be creative!

7. Pick an article that has been published before in Blogs and tell us why you think it’s a good article.

8. Lastly, please include a writing sample (limit: 800 words) under the subsection topic you chose earlier. Convert to PDF and add it as an attachment to your email submission.


Are you interested in becoming a subsection lead? Please contact us directly for more information: with Full Name: Subsection Lead as the subject title.