Nitpicking the Sight and Sound Poll

Once every ten years, Sight and Sound Magazine polls critics from across the globe in an attempt to construct some semblance of a canon of the greatest films ever made.

SweetnSalty: The Sweet Tooth we Need Before Finals

Along with all the potential toppings I had to create my tasty waffle, I loved the heart-shaped presentation of the waffle on the stick. Although I took the heart-shaped waffle off of the stick to eat it, the waffles were delivered in a delightfully aesthetically pleasing manner.

AMPLIFY! | Introducing “Amplify!”

We are creating a bi-weekly rotating column to provide a platform for all clubs and other student groups on Cornell’s campus that advocate and provide safe spaces for underserved and underrepresented voices. This includes affinity, advocacy and activist groups on campus who tend not to be represented in The Sun’s guest content. The contents of this column will not be  promotional, but rather highlight club activities and responses to campus news with respect to the organization’s values.

DO | A Turning Point

It’s become something of an ongoing series on Noah’s Arc to reflect on the specific highs and lows of being in the class of 2024 and entering college in the thick of the pandemic. I’ll admit that most of the reflection has been negative; I suppose the downsides are easier to write about and certainly easier to write sarcastic quips around.

LEVIN | Cornell After Coulter: The Value of Free Speech

“If you want to really discredit somebody in an academic community, you challenge them intellectually,” Prof. Richard Bensel, government, told me. “Anger doesn’t do that.” Had those hecklers wanted to change the opinions of conservatives at Cornell, they would have disciplined their outrage into a well-reasoned argument. Instead of jeering her offstage, they would have challenged Coulter’s hateful rhetoric during the Q&A segment.

MKRTCHYAN | My Trust Issues With Cornell

In this column, I will be bringing my experience as an example of how staff and faculty at Cornell can mistreat and mislead students trying to get SDS accommodations.

SOKOL | Cynicism Isn’t (Always) Wisdom

Some of my fellow government major friends and I have a recurring joke about which of us is the most cynical. Competition is fierce: the state of global politics, it would appear, has not been breeding a strong sense of optimism.

She Said Turns the “He Said, She Said” Narrative on Its Head

How do you handle a story with immense weight? Is it possible to create meaningful change in normalized misconduct? How can you get someone to speak up after they have been silenced? She Said, released on Nov. 18, answered these questions for me as I sat reclined in my hometown movie theater during Thanksgiving break.