A Month in Photos | Nov. 2022

A voter enters Ithaca Town Hall on Election Day on Nov. 8. At the local and state level, the 2022 midterm elections brought sweeping victories for the Democratic party, with the notable exception of the New York District 19 House race. (Jason Wu/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson uses a water bottle and cup to illustrate a point about international fisheries management during the “Can Small States Make a Difference?

A MONTH IN PHOTOS | Sept. 2022

Construction workers take a break from work on College Avenue on Sept. 6. The road running through the heart of Collegetown has been the center of heavy construction work since early in the summer. (Claire Li/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

A student holding a pride flag walks through a field of American Flags during ClubFest on Sept. 11.

ROSENBAND | It’s Here and Then It’s Gone 

I’m two months late on my Collegetown rent. If I’m being honest, I actually have a very kind landlord so this isn’t one of those revenge-seeking situations and I know that I’m the real asshole here. The reason I’m two months late on my Collegetown rent is because once I pay it, that will be it for me. I will have no more home in Ithaca. 

Childish, sure, but I don’t want to believe that I’m leaving Cornell or possibly even getting kicked out. The idea of graduation is so tacky and so absurd and so absolutely rotten that it’s exactly how I imagine it would feel to get punched in the throat by someone capable and willing.

GUEST ROOM | Do Better Cornell, Student Demands

We, a collective of students from various parts and communities on campus, issue these demands to hold Cornell University accountable for its atrocious lack of action and leadership in the aftermath of events on Nov 7, 2021 and Nov 9, 2021. These events, including a bomb threat and an active shooter threat, lasted for hours and left students in panic with vague, inconsistent communication from the University. While students feared for their safety, trying to figure out what to do and where to go, many continued to receive emails from professors about assignments, exams, and classes scheduled for the next day. Empathy was nowhere to be found—especially as the Nov 7 situation failed to even receive the usual empty messages of understanding from top-ranking University officials, including President Pollack and Vice President for Student and Campus Life Lombardi. 

THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS | Oct. 17, 2021

Students and families walk through West Campus during fall break on Monday. Students made the most of their days off in many different ways — they studied for exams, spent time with their families, ran ultramarathons, watched movies and visited friends. (Leilani Burke/Sun Contributor)

On Monday, bolted-together logs, part of a Cornell-approved temporary art installation by Bushra Aumir ’22, block one of the slope paths. The project was inspired by the U.S. government’s 1960 seizure of the Ohi: yo’ Territory, which was inhabited by the Seneca Nation of Indians. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

A student walks by 312 College Avenue, a Collegetown apartment complex, on Wednesday.