MEHLER | Reflecting on Checkboxes

I encourage all of you to reflect upon the checkboxes in your Cornell career. Which ones do you need to do before it gets cold? What class do you need to take to get that extra minor? What part of Cornell do you want to remember after we have graduated and look fondly upon our time at Cornell?

Letter to the Editor: Why The 161 Things Needs Major Changes

To the editor:

The 161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do has been gaining significant attention over the past couple of days. As I was reading the list, I noticed some activities would be considered inappropriate and even illegal. I am not in favor of eradicating the list; there just need to be some major changes to ensure everyone complies with the law.  It all started when I posted a meme criticizing the 161 Things on Cornell: Any Person Any Meme, the Facebook page. Some students have caught on and are now in favor of wanting those changes.