Can I get an encore?

Rising senior Ryan Wittman prepares to cut the net after the team clinched its second-straight Ivy title with a 83-59 win over Penn at Newman Arena on March 6.

Red Letter Daze: Overheard at Cornell

Cost of Sleep
: I fall asleep every day. I don’t know why I even go to class.
Boy: Because we’re paying, like, a hundred bucks an hour…
Girl: Yah, so I guess they’re really expensive naps.
— Central Campus

MRS. Degree via ABC
Girl 1
: I’m so excited — the season finale of The Bachelor is on Monday.
Girl 2: I like The Bachelor … but I wish I could be on The Bachelorette … imagine just having 25 gorgeous guys to choose from.
Girl 1: Yeah, but most of them would probably be stupid. Ew.
Girl 2: Well, I’d tell the producers that I only wanted wealthy, Ivy-league-educated guys … as long as they weren’t losers from Harvard or Princeton.

North Campus Dorms and Program Houses Ready for Class of 2013

In the 1900s, the Cornell student body was housed entirely in fraternities and boarding houses — no real dormitories existed. According to Cornell: Glorious to View, a history of Cornell written by Profs. Carol Kammen and Walter LaFeber, both history, Andrew Dickson White, Cornell’s founder and first president, believed students should board themselves. Clearly times have changed. The Class of 2013 enters Cornell with a plethora of housing options, ranging from traditional residence halls to more specialized program houses. Let’s review some of the facts, figures and follies of the 10 traditional halls:
Balch Hall

Student Clubs Cater to Varied Interests

If your schedule has not been sufficiently crammed with lectures, work, parties, meals and sleep, you might want to look into joining a club to fill those few extra minutes per week. Cornell has a niche for virtually every interest, no matter how esoteric. Whether you’re an aspiring guitarist or an expert knitter, it is likely you will be able to find a group of like-minded students with whom to share your passion. Below is a sampling of some of the more prominent clubs on campus.

Political and Activist Groups
The Cornell Democrats and the Cornell College Republicans represent the two major political parties on campus, each engaging in its own brand of activism and spreading awareness of political issues.

Football Remains Undefeated With Last-Second Win

BETHLEHEM, Penn. — “See you in the end zone,” was all wide receiver Jesse Baker ’09 had to say to his quarterback as they were breaking up the huddle.
About 10 seconds later, that’s exactly where the two met, celebrating Cornell’s 25-24 victory over Lehigh that had seemed almost impossible merely seconds earlier.
“It really was a dog fight,” said head coach Jim Knowles ‘87, trying to sum up the back-and-forth, rollercoaster feel of the entire afternoon. Seven lead changes, four fourth-quarter touchdowns and a leaping catch by Baker in the front corner of the end zone that won the game with three zeroes on the clock — nothing short of a classic.

Men’s Basketball Repeats As Ivy League Champions

“Announce the Princeton score,” fans yelled excitedly.
“Donahue doesn’t want it announced,” came the reply from press row.
But with less than two minutes left, men’s basketball head coach Steve Donahue’s wife decided it was time for him and his team to know what everyone else already did — the Red was mere minutes away from its second straight Ivy title.
“I guess everyone else knew [that Princeton was losing],” Donahue said, laughing. “My wife yelled something at me, and I find out I’m the only guy that didn’t know. I was thinking since I didn’t hear anything, that Princeton had won.”

Where Will You Study?

Cornell is home to over 20 — count ’em — 20 University libraries. With so many to choose from, where you decide to study just depends on what you’re looking for. Each study area at Cornell has a personality of its own.
Uris Library has been dubbed “Club Uris” by students who see the humor in the fact that, on any given Sunday through Tuesday night, the Cocktail Lounge is the place to be.