Arts & Entertainment

Dear starry eyed-freshman:
Do you like music? Movies? How about burlesque dancers strutting their stuff on the Slope? If so, you’re in luck. The Pussycat Dolls may not strike Ithaca every year (thank god), but there’s plenty else to keep your eyes, ears and mind entertained on campus and around town. To get a taste, check out these review excerpts from last year — everyone from Girl Talk to Junot Diaz to Don Giovanni was in town, and we were there to get you the story. Appetite sufficiently whetted? Get ready for the likes of Ani DiFranco and Built to Spill this fall, and check out the concert on the Arts Quad on Aug. 29 (artist to be announced). It’ll be the start of another great year in Ithaca arts culture. And homework and tests and all that other boring stuff. Whatever.

Red Letter Daze: Overheard at Cornell

Cost of Sleep
: I fall asleep every day. I don’t know why I even go to class.
Boy: Because we’re paying, like, a hundred bucks an hour…
Girl: Yah, so I guess they’re really expensive naps.
— Central Campus

MRS. Degree via ABC
Girl 1
: I’m so excited — the season finale of The Bachelor is on Monday.
Girl 2: I like The Bachelor … but I wish I could be on The Bachelorette … imagine just having 25 gorgeous guys to choose from.
Girl 1: Yeah, but most of them would probably be stupid. Ew.
Girl 2: Well, I’d tell the producers that I only wanted wealthy, Ivy-league-educated guys … as long as they weren’t losers from Harvard or Princeton.

Arts in the Ith

So. You’re in Ithaca. You’re in college. What to do now?
When prelims, lab reports and snow aren’t getting you down (read: seldom), there’s a lively arts scene right outside your doorstep to keep you sane. From barn-burning bashes in Barton to art appreciation in the Johnson, there’s something for every taste. Cornell may be known for its cows and gorges, but it’s no slouch when it comes to music, theater, film and fine art.