GOULDTHORPE | Here’s Who I Think is the Big Winner this Year in Animation — And It’s Not Disney

Oh boy, did Disney clean up the field in 2016. The four top-grossing movies were all Disney properties. On November 1, they announced that they’d set a new company record for movie grosses, and that was before either Moana or Rogue One hit theaters! They now sit on six billion in global revenues and counting. With such strong financial success, plus warm praise from critics on virtually all fronts, Disney has done very well for itself!

STANTON | Sharon Jones and the Upside of Echo Chambers

Last Sunday, John Oliver concluded the third season of Last Week Tonight with a cathartic send-off to the year in a segment so eloquently dubbed, “Fuck You, 2016!” If you haven’t seen the episode, I’ll give you three guesses as to what it’s about. In a year that began with David Bowie’s death, the state of affairs never bothered to resettle on any form of status quo — opting instead to perpetually tumble further downhill. The general mood on campus following Election Day has seemed to oscillate somewhere between vitriol and despair, to the extent that a casual “How are you?” serves as an invitation to air out grievances rather than go through the motions of small talk. And whether in tone or subject matter, the election results have pervaded a large portion of the Daily Sun’s output because, well, what else is there to think about? As the White House proceeds in its transition to high-stakes reality TV show, pundits have made much of the modern media’s role in President-elect Trump’s ascent.

JAIN | Senior Year is a Weird Feeling, Man

I have this weird habit of always putting the wrong contact in each of my eyes. When I’m taking my contacts out, I always put the left one in the left hand side of the container and the right in the right. The container is even labeled with an L and an R, but I always seem to mess it up in the morning. I could chalk it up to absentmindedness from morning exhaustion, but I’m lazy so I have no right to be tired in the mornings. Yesterday morning was the last first day of school of my life.

DUGGAL | The Politics of Indecision

I would call myself the most indecisive person I know, but to be honest, I’m not sure I could even commit to that. The number of times I have tried unsuccessfully to change my order at a coffee shop (or more realistically, at Louie’s) probably matches the number of times I have typed a sentence into this Google doc only to replace it with another one that I think I would rather see in this column. Indecision is a struggle, but it isn’t one that I find only myself facing. Take the American voters, for example. This political process in itself has been one that requires them to make tough decisions, and yet, this is not to say the political process has been one that allows for those decisions to be made and dealt with quickly.