An April Fools Awards Show

“The 58th Grammy Awards are getting ready to start NOW,” Bow Wow exclaimed, a full minute and a half earlier than he was supposed to. After beaming into the camera for a painful 20 seconds afterwards, he started bouncing around from Grammy attendee to Grammy attendee, instructing them not to be camera shy. After which, he incorrectly claimed that the show was starting two more times, “It’s going down! It’s happening! It’s about that time.

TEST SPIN: Adele — 25


Adele enthralls. Lyrically, her music stuns despite being easily accessible, wrapping itself around its audience; you’re convinced that she’s singing about your life whether it’s “Turning Tables” or “He Won’t Go.” Her band is masterful in its ability to capture a sometimes loose and rhythmic, sometimes intensely iconic sound that cradles her vocals perfectly. And you need no reminder that her voice is a blues and soul masterpiece that could cut melt a heart back from stone. 19 and 21, taken together, draw a portrait of a blossoming artist. “Daydreamer,” the opening song of her first album, is beautiful in a young and innocent kind of way.

Spinning Singles: Adele, “Hello”



It’s the first lyric we’ve heard from Adele in over three years. Three years of listeners imploring her to release a new song, and now she’s finally here to answer us. The world’s response has been tremendous; “Hello” has amassed 100 million YouTube views in just five days, broken the U.S. record for first-week digital sales and sent Adele plunging straight back into the limelight. There’s one thing I can say for sure: The song is very much in alignment with her previous work. It’s a somewhat minimalistic yet extremely catchy track that emphasizes the many colors of the artist’s beautiful, smoky voice.