Ag Quad Renovations to Cost $9.6 Million

A $9.6 million plan to renovate the infrastructure and landscaping of the Ag Quad will begin the summer of 2016 and is slated to be completed ahead of the 2017-18 academic year. The project will be completed in two phases, with the first phase focused on the infrastructure of the quad and the second phase focused on the landscaping, according to David Cutter, the University’s Landscape Architect. The renovation of the infrastructure, which will begin next summer, will dig up walkways around the quad in order to replace several underground utility corridors, Cutter said. In addition to a new working underground, the renovation plans include the installation of new lighting, additional blue lights for security, a rain garden and social working spaces for students, Cutter added. In particular, the social working spaces, which will be small plazas in front of Mann Library and Roberts Hall, will have benches and tables for students to use, Cutter said.

Cornellians Gather On Ag Quad for Picnic

Thousands of Cornellians gathered on the Ag Quad for a picnic following President Elizabeth Garrett’s inauguration on Friday to celebrate their new leader in a festive setting. The Big Red Marching Band lead the procession of students, faculty, alumni and local residents to the Ag Quad after the completion of the inauguration ceremony on the Arts Quad. There, attendees enjoyed box lunches containing a chicken or portabella mushroom wrap, cole slaw, chips and an apple and lounged on checkered blankets and hay bales, according to a University press release. The dairy bar’s new ice cream flavor in honor of Cornell’s 13th president — 24 Garrett Swirl — also debuted at the community picnic. The ice cream combines hints of chocolate, caramel and mocha with fudge truffles, and was inspired by some of Garrett’s favorite flavors, according to the University.