Sports, Service and Leadership at C.U.

From Greek mythology’s heroic Herakles (the original World’s Strongest Man, a god among men) to Bill Clinton (who won a Rhodes Scholarship … though the former president’s greatest athletic achievement was probably a nice round of golf), history is full of “professional” athletes who became leaders of men in the arenas of both politics and sports.
Next Thursday, Cornell gets to play host to two of these characters.

Sports Illustrated, But Why?

Some things are sacred to a sports fan.
Whether it’s an object or an experience — from a cherished autograph to uninterrupted TV time when your team is playing — interfering in those things is not a good idea. Someone, however, did just that to me this week, and I’m mad as hell.
When I got my latest copy of Sports Illustrated in the mail earlier this week, it looked the same as always … on the surface. But as soon as I opened those glossy pages, I realized that something was terribly wrong.
SI had been redesigned seemingly overnight — more empty white space, less creative font choices — overall, way more boring, even jarring, to look at.

Take Me Home, I Don’t Remember

There are three freshmen on the women’s soccer team — forward Brook Chang and midfielders Abigail Apistolas and Kelsey MacDonald — who don’t seem to have much in common when you first take a look at their playing styles.
“The three of them are very different players,” said head coach Danielle LaRoche. “Brook is an attacking minded player. She loves to go at defenders. She loves to take them one-to-one. She is a natural goal-scorer.”