TEST SPINS: Sorority Noise, It Kindly Stopped For Me

We all know what it’s like to look at ourselves in the bathroom mirror of Loco or Level B and think that maybe we’ve had too much to drink but that, despite our blurred eyes, we know we’ll make it home (with or without our “fracket”). Sorority Noise knows what that’s like too. Ironically, the four male band mates are neither Cornell students nor sorority members, but they capture, in their new EP It Kindly Stopped for Me, the walk home from Collegetown on Friday night — or, more likely, Saturday morning. Despite the album cover’s beachy dune, the vocalist’s footsteps in “Fource” tread upon a crumbling sidewalk rather than sinking into pillow-soft sand. The walker may even be trudging up hill from Level B to CTP.