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Cornell Ranks 9th in Producing “Unicorn” Founders

During a particular lecture on the evolution of U.S. transportation, Zimmer recalled thinking “If those are the first three slides in the presentation, what would be the fourth slide ten years from now?” Eleven years after Zimmer took the course, Lyft is a now $5.5 billion private company, according to Barnes.

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15 Cornellians Named to Forbes’ 30 under 30

Law & Policy

Svante Myrick’s ’09 placement on 30 Under 30 follows an election cycle that put him in the national spotlight. As the mayor of the city of Ithaca, he campaigned for Hillary Clinton and was recently named as Director of Youth Leadership Programs at People for the American Way — a liberal think-tank. As mayor, Myrick closed a $3 million deficit that he inherited and earned resounding support from Ithacans, winning 89 percent of the vote in his reelection in 2016. He also attracted controversy with his supervised heroin injection facility proposal last year. In response to his national fame, Myrick has stated that he remains committed to his job as mayor.

GUEST ROOM | From One Wilderness to Another

Though I am in a different hemisphere altogether, I can still sense the frenzy of Orientation week that Ithaca bursts with every August. As a faithful columnist, an ardent alumna and a fervid fan of Cornell, I could not resist writing another column. It is kind of a plot twist after the tearful final column I wrote in May, but the Associate Editor pardoned my inconsistency. For those beginning their gamble on the Hill and for those worried about how fast their prescribed four years are flying, this may be important. After graduation, I took up a job as Research Associate in public policy in the developing world.


Two Cornell Alumni Successfully Petition for Trustee Candidacy

“Getting on the ballot is a great success,” Monger said. “That in itself is a big statement by Cornell alumni. But there is still the big challenge ahead of getting the word out to the Cornell Alumni that it is important for them to take the time to vote when they receive their ballot.”


Cornell Alum Earns Prize for Research in Physical Science

Mohammad Hamidian Ph.D. ’11 was named the 2016 winner of the Lee-Osheroff-Richardson Science Prize for his discovery of new forms of electronic matter at the nanoscale and at extreme low temperatures, according to a University press release. The award, sponsored by Oxford Instruments NanoScience, promotes and recognizes the work of young scientists in physical sciences research, according to the Oxford Instruments website. Hamidian will receive $8,000 and the opportunity to attend the 2016 American Physical Society conference later this month, according to the website. Hamidian is particularly commended for his research in the technology of scanning tunneling microscopy that allow operation at ultra-low temperatures, the University said. At Cornell, Hamidian worked under Prof. J.C. Séamus Davis, physics, who he said provided him with “excellent mentoring and guidance to ask the significant questions in science, develop the necessary tools to explore those issues and think deeply about their implications.”
Hamidian invented techniques that allowed him to search for states of electronic quantum matter that only occur at extremely low temperatures, according to the University.