Does Coco Live Up to the Hype?

It’s been a long year for animation. While we’ve had a couple good hits here and there, there’s been a lack of quality in many titles. So I really needed Coco. The film opened in Mexico last month, unusual since American studios tend to release their films domestically first. Coco ended up becoming the highest grossing movie of all time in Mexico, and rave reviews heralded an upcoming splendor.

Rock Dog is Good-Natured, but Falters

Here’s a little number that’s stayed on the sidelines. From Ash Brannon, who directed Surf’s Up and co-directed Toy Story 2, comes Rock Dog. I didn’t know a whole lot about this movie, so I did some reading on it; oh boy, did I have to really dig on this one.  The film is based on Tibetan Rock Dog, a 2009 graphic novel released by Chinese songwriter Zheng Jun. According to my sources, an animated film adaptation was in the works as early as 2009; that’s eight years of production!