Chasen | The Best Four Years of Your Life to Explore

After I move back to New York City in June, I will likely not have the chance to learn how to safely use firearms, or learn about oceanography, or explore the complexities of our capital punishment system. Having the chance to do all these things at Cornell has made me a better student, and a more open-minded learner.

LIU | Any Person, Any Study?

A motto that is printed on memorabilia, engrained in our minds since orientation, and at the tail end of University statements. A concept upon which our institution is founded. The end of spring semester is a time for us to reflect on another year at Cornell, and a time for our graduating peers to reflect on the totality of their Cornell experience. I have found myself incessantly asking my graduating friends, “so did you enjoy your Cornell experience?” It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the responses vary. Ranging from wide smiles to grimaces, they exemplify the notion that there is no singular Cornell experience.