PARK | A Tinder Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Chad, 22, and I am a student at Cornell University only two miles away. I’ve had the pleasure of looking through your photos and deeming you worthy of the highest honor, my personal seal of attractiveness, a right swipe, and I am interested in pursuing the position of Your Romantic Suitor. My colorful personality, relevant experience, and chiseled physique make me an outstanding candidate to serve your needs. To help you get to know me better, I’ve provided you with a unique and varied canon of photos that display the many facets of my personality. First and foremost, I am an artist.

Citizen Scientists Lead Wildlife Conservation Effort With New App

Touchdown, Cornell’s unofficial mascot, is the only red bear in New York. But the state is home to at least 6,000 to 8,000 black bears, spread across all forms of terrain. Tracking all of them proves to be a significant challenge for New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, the agency tasked with the welfare of these animals. However, the development of a new mobile app at Cornell, named iSeeMammals, could soon revolutionize how data about bears and their presence is collected. “We have approximately 200 research sites every summer across the Southern Tier, but we still can’t get everywhere.

Simply App-etizing: Cornell’s Eatery app

The app, Cornell Dining Made Simple, has arrived. Developed by CUAppDev, an iOS project team at Cornell University, the app helps users to browse which eateries are open on campus, along with the hours and menu of the eatery. It also enables the user to share menus with social networking contacts.

Cornell University Students Create Ride-Hailing App for College Towns

After a year of development, Brian Schiff ’18, Karl Reis ’18 and Leor Alon ’18 have launched RedRoute, a smartphone-enabled ride-hailing app for college students. “College towns are very unique in that they are generally smaller cities where a huge proportion of the population is students who are under 21 and aren’t insured to drive [commercially],” Schiff said. Schiff explained that Uber struggles in these smaller cities due to a lack of drivers. RedRoute uses GPS and smartphone technology similar to that used by Uber and Lyft. The service connects its users with drivers from partner taxi companies to reach their destinations, Schiff said.