Falling Into Autumn With Apple Harvest Festival

As I approached the commons, the harmonic melody of a violin welcomed me to the Commons entrance. This was just the beginning of the 39th annual Apple Harvest Festival, running in the Ithaca Commons from Friday, Oct.1 to Sunday, Oct.3 this year. All over the Commons, the smell of apple crumble, kettle popcorn and fried food permeated through the air and mixed with the damp rain. This was my first experience at Apple Fest, and it only enticed me to visit every booth to check out the apple treats and local goods that merchants brought. The main area of the Commons was focused solely on apple products like the famous homemade apple crumble, apple cider donuts and local apple cider.

Apple Harvest Festival: A Snapshot of Life Upstate

In true Ithaca fashion, Apple Harvest Festival is something caught between a nostalgic, agrarian county fair and an eclectic, trendy Brooklyn food festival. It’s a celebration of all things apple — apple pies, apple cider and candied apples — but more than that, it’s a celebration of the Finger Lakes area and the people who shape it. With millions of acres of farmland (52,000 of which are devoted exclusively to apple orchards), Upstate New York is a mecca for farmers, chefs, bakers and wine makers who come together one weekend in late September to share their passion for food with the masses.

Dining Department Goes to the Apple Harvest Festival

This past weekend, the Sun dining department’s writers ventured out to the 37th Annual Apple Harvest Festival to experience one of the most iconic food festivals Ithaca has to offer. We’ve recounted some of our most memorable moments and favorite delectable delights from the event, noting local favorites and treats from farmers far and wide.

Experiencing NS 4880’s Themed Dinners on West Campus

Every spring, dietetics students of Nutritional Sciences 4880: Applied Dietetics in Food Service Systems learn how to operate and manage a food service system with practical, hands-on application culminating in themed dinners in West Campus dining rooms. Students are “divided into teams to work with Cornell Dining chefs to design a nutritionally balanced, yet creative and delicious dinner for the greater Cornell community,” and several of us in the dining department had the pleasure of experiencing and reviewing each themed dinner this year. Here’s what we thought!