Trapping the Snow Leopard

The OS War between Microsoft and Apple has been going on since the release of the Macintosh in 1984.

As we approach closer to present day, the release of Mac OS X in 2001 completely changed the playing field. 2009 is looking to be a turning point for both operating systems with Microsoft slated to release Windows 7 in October and Apple releasing OS X Snow Leopard on August 30. Both systems boast better performances, and seeing as I’ve already turned my skeptical eye to Windows 7 in a previous blog, I feel that it’s Apple’s turn on the chopping block.

Apple's Headphone Ploy

Being a Mac user, I’m bombarded with the inane advertisement that is the Safari home page whenever I start up my browser. Surprisingly, I can’t believe that I’ve JUST seen the ad for the new iPod shuffle. Aside from VoiceOver, which (l) allows the iPod to announce things to you, such as playlist title, song name, etc., the other feature that caught my attention about the shuffle was the placement of the controls on the right earbud.

Hold on, something’s not right. The controls are on the earbud?

Another brick in the wall

The new aluminum MacBook, released in October, was known as the “brick” before release due to its new single-piece construction method. The notebook’s body is built by carving out pieces from a single brick of aluminum.

All in the family

Apple’s new iPod lineup. From left to right, the iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle.

Let's Rock: Apple Unveils New iPod Lineup

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation from the company’s annual September iPod event just ended in San Francisco. The rumor mill got it pretty much spot-on this time around, with almost every announcement having been predicted beforehand by the blogs. Some highlights from the show:

Apple Fever Hits the Ithaca Community

“Never again!” said Jesse Simons grad, after participating in the 25th Annual Apple Harvest Festival’s apple pie eating contest. Simons ate eight slices of pie in two minutes, making him the winner of his round. However, he won’t be giving up apple pie all that soon.
“I think I’m eating more tomorrow actually, someone’s making me pie in celebration,” Simons said.
The Apple Harvest Festival began in 1983 and was first managed by Jean Demming, then Com­mons Coordinator. The festival, which ran from Friday to yesterday, took over the downtown Commons area with an array of food, music, dancing and, of course, apples.
“We have every kind of apple thing you could ever think of,” said Katie Clapp, events coordinator for the Ithaca Downtown Partnership.