DERY | How to Correct ClubFest

ClubFest is a tease. The long-awaited Sunday afternoon came and went, as did the freshmen who emptied North Campus and congested Barton Hall. Our task was simple: walk around, shake some hands, share some NetIDs and so on. But add in hundreds of other freshmen and a two-foot visibility radius, and voila: Any chance of meaningful interaction with club leadership vanishes. In the midst of the chaos, email lists are saturated with overcommitted rookies who gladly feed their NetIDs into Google Forms or Excel spreadsheets.

Universities Nationwide Plan to Launch New Application Platform

A group of 80 public and private universities announced plans on Sept. 28 to improve the college admission process by launching a new application platform. The group, which includes all eight Ivy League institutions, is known as the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success and aims to reshape the traditional approach to admissions and increase educational access for low-income families and underrepresented groups. The coalition formed in response to barriers low-income students often face in the college admissions process. They plan to launch a new application website which they hope will make the process more broadly accessible. 
“The schools in the Coalition have individually tried many different and creative approaches to address these challenges,” said Jeremiah Quinlan, dean of undergraduate admissions at Yale University, in a statement from the coalition.

C.U. Admits 19.1% of Applicants

For the first time in the history of Cornell, the admit rate for the incoming freshman class dropped below 20 percent. After seeing a rise in early admissions applicants, Cornell administrators projected an increase in the number of this year’s regular decision applicants, which reached an all time high of 34,381.
The admit rate for the Class of 2013, which was released after the selection process was officially completed yesterday, fell to the unprecedented level of 19.1 percent. While Cornell admitted 36.68 percent of Early Decision applicants, regular admissions only accepted 17.2 percent of applicants.

Cornell Sees Increase In Freshman Applicants

Continuing the University’s steady increase in applicants in recent years, Cornell received an all-time high of 34,192 applications for the Class of 2013, according to an e-mail sent to the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network. 1,119 more students applied this admissions year than last year, representing a 3-percent increase over the 33,073 applicants for the Class of 2012.

University Admissions Reports Increase in Early Decision Applicants

School librarians could not stop John DeSantis ’13 from celebrating his admission into Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration last Thursday when he received his acceptance letter inside his high school’s library.

“I was so excited and really nervous just to hear from Cornell and to get a decision,” DeSantis said. “When I finally found out, it was crazy.”

Last week, librarians across the country were confronted with similar expressions of happiness as admissions notices went out to all who applied to Cornell early decision, and the first students of the Class of 2013 found out their matriculation statuses.