NDLOVU | Highlights of Asia Night: The Journey 2016

What were you up to this weekend? Besides the occasional mini panic attack over prelim season (which has finally come upon us) and carefully planned procrastination schemes, which I will regret later this week, the highlight of my Saturday night was actually doing something constructive and worthwhile – attending “Asia Night: The Journey” hosted by Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Union’s (CAPSU) in Duffield Hall on March 5th from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. As a freshman, this was my first time attending this annual event dedicated to showcasing diverse Asian cultures. I will definitely be attending Asia Night next year, and so should you! The event was alive with many people in Duffield taking the opportunity to visit the myriad of booths, drink bubble tea, savor different foods and learn more about on-campus organizations such as Business Asia Journal and Cru Cornell. The colorful traditional attires, posters and on-point sound system made Asia Night a memorable event where Cornellians could unite to take pride in and share their heritage.

Over 1,200 Cornellians Enjoy Food, Performances at Annual Asia Night

Students from over 50 organizations shared traditional food, performed musical and dance routines and showcased Asian culture at the 11th annual Asia Night in Duffield Saturday evening. The event, organized by the Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union, consisted of numerous booths lined up and down the hall that allowed the over 1,200 attendees to learn about campus clubs and participate in a wide array of activities. Linda He ’16, facilitator of CAPSU, said the goal of the annual event is to enable different student organizations to share a part of their mission, whether it be cultural, social or advocacy-related, with fellow Cornellians. “This is our chance as part of the Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union to showcase everything our community has to offer and to showcase how big and vibrant our community is,” she said. Emily Chei ’19, a member of Cornell Bhangra, said that she appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Cornell organizations on campus.