GUEST ROOM | Awareness and Action

In an incredibly powerful Guest Column, ‘Enough with Awareness Week, We Need Policy Change,’ many areas that need reform and change are cited. We strongly agree with the sentiment that the University needs to treat mental health care needs with the same urgency that they do physical health. Given our involvement in the mental health community at Cornell, we would be remiss to say that we believe awareness is at an acceptable level. Awareness is the basis of any policy change. Without popular support and demand for improved services and changes in policies related to mental health, little or likely no progress will be made.

EDITATION | The Yoga of College Life

Life can begin to feel like a dull routine, especially in an educational institution. You go to the same classes day after day, talk to the same people, eat the same food, etc. This repetitive lifestyle can get boring and depressing. On the other hand, each day is a new beginning. Today is the most important day of your life – because it’s today!