Our Grandparents Shouldn’t Make Our Laws

As competent as they may be, [older senators] lack intimate understanding of modern issues and tend to legislate for themselves rather than their successors.

WILK | The Headline That Hurt the Most

On Wednesday I woke up late, and to bad news. But I guess that second part isn’t unique from Tuesday, or Monday, or Sunday or whatever number of days came before that since this started, during which each day’s “good morning” is in the form of a new distressing headline that becomes weirdly indistinguishable from the last. You know this if you have the privilege of spending this mandated isolation period in constant search of entertainment, rather than in the much more dire, enduring circumstances which are a reality for millions of people across America. You’ll likely also understand the re-invigorated, childlike inclination to make games of nothing. So, let’s play.

GUEST ROOM | Statement from the Campus Corps Leaders of Cornell Students for Bernie

Last week was a difficult time for Cornell for Bernie. Our organization began in August, with five people handing out registration forms at Ho Plaza. Since then, we have grown into the most vocal and impassioned political group on campus for progressive politics. Here on  Cornell’s campus, we take great pride in what we were able to accomplish: A nearly 160 person strong base of supporters, thousands of phone calls made, countless buttons and flyers handed out, policy discussion and debates held and even a weekend trip to knock on doors in New Hampshire which we won. But what makes this movement stand out is its status as the largest resurgence of the American Left since the 1960s.

FOX | Bernie Sanders for President

Three years have demonstrated the extent of Donald Trump’s moral depravity, personal instability and disregard for our constitution and rule of law. But the impeachment investigation has proven beyond a reasonable doubt the nefarious lengths to which he has gone and will, go to steal a second term in office. Trump’s shameless willingness to cheat paired with his considerable advantage in the electoral college highlight the necessity of selecting a Democratic candidate who will defeat the president by the widest possible margins and in the most important places. For the energy of his supporters, the diversity of his movement and the infallibility of his character, Bernie Sanders is best suited to lead the Democratic Party to victory. There have generally been two schools of thought regarding the surest Democratic path to the White House.