SOSNICK | Poptimistic EDM: A Love Story

2012 was an easier time in pop music. Love was international and starships were meant to fly. I could call you maybe or blow your whistle, baby. More importantly, though, I felt more confident in distinguishing pop from EDM. Now I’m not a stickler for genre, but there’s a time and place for different types of music.

STANTON | We All Know Justin Bieber Isn’t ‘Sorry’


By all measures, Justin Bieber is having a remarkable year. After months of (not undeserved) public demonization for a seemingly never-ending series of lewd and offensive acts, the Biebs and his carefully assembled P.R. team began staging the biggest comeback of 2015. A year ago, the Canadian phenom made his biggest headline for getting punched in the face by Orlando Bloom — a move that tellingly earned the washed-up Pirates of the Caribbean star more praise than he received in his entire acting career. Who, then, could have predicted that Justin’s forthcoming album Purpose would be among 2015’s most anticipated releases? Resurrection might have made for a more fitting title.