West Schoellkopf Stands Torn Down Due to Underuse, Disrepair

The west stands across from the Crescent at Schoellkopf Field are in the process of being torn down due to underuse and potential safety hazards, according to Jen Baker, associate director of athletics. William Sitzabee, associate vice president of engineering and project administration, said the University decided to disassemble the stands “in lieu of an expensive repair for a facility that was underutilized and not needed.”
“They had reached a state of disrepair that limited their use to a point where they were no longer effective,” Sitzabee said. Schoellkopf Field is the home of Big Red football, sprint football and men’s and women’s lacrosse. The west stands were added in 1947, increasing the stadium capacity to 25,597, according to the University. President Garrett and the Capital Funding and Priorities Committee — the committee that oversees approval for university projects with budgets over $500,000 — approved the decision last December, according to Sitzabee.

Cornell Football Earns First Win of Season With 3-0 Victory Over Columbia

For the second straight season, Cornell recorded its first win of the season against Columbia, capturing its second straight Empire State Bowl. In a game that featured more quarters than points, freshman kicker Zach Mays’s field goal on the first drive of the game was all that was necessary to capture the win. “I was psyched to go into the locker room man. I was ready,” exclaimed senior safety Rush Imhotep, unable to control his smile. “Happy to get the dub.”

On the offensive side of the ball, the Red kept plays small, averaging 3.33 yards per play in the game.