WISE-ROJAS | “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Harms a Generation, Normalizing Homophobia

Content warning: this article contains mention of homophobia and mental health conditions

Being gay is not a choice. It never has been and never will be; hence, students in K-12 schools need to be educated on what it means to be LGBTQ+. However, it becomes almost a strenuous task to relay this sentiment to others when bills like “Don’t Say Gay” just passed in the Florida Senate, where “instruction on gender and sexuality would be constrained in all grades,” according to a New York Times Education Briefing analysis of the bill. People know that this will obviously impact those who live in Florida. What people aren’t discussing is the impact of the bill on its potential to harm Generation Z, regardless of what state someone is in.

BARELY LEGAL | Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Bill 2015

In 2012 Pakistan ranked as the second most dangerous country for women, and annual country reports show a consistent increase in gender-driven violence. The power dynamic in Pakistan is clear; men are in charge and do whatever is necessary (violent or non-violent) to keep women subservient. This ideology allows physical and mental abuse of women and often leads to their death under the label of ‘Honor killings.’ On Feb. 25, the Punjab Assembly unanimously passed the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Bill. This bill marks a turning point for Pakistani women, giving much-needed recognition to the continuous violation of their rights.

Garrett: University Endowment Bill ‘Misconceived’

President Elizabeth Garrett called a bill proposed in Congress in September that would require schools to use a part of their endowments for financial aid “misconceived,” Bloomberg Businessweek reported. The bill, which is set to be filed this month, would require institutions of higher education with endowments larger than $1 billion to distribute some of that money in the form of need-based scholarships in order to maintain their tax-free status, according to the Bloomberg article. Representative Tom Reed (R-N.Y.), who serves the 23rd district — which includes Ithaca — drafted the bill in order to “make college education more affordable for middle class families,” according to an article in The Lansing Star, written by the congressman’s office. “I care about ensuring [that] anyone with the desire to educate themselves can receive a fair chance at making that happen without being prevented because of the cost,” Reed said in the article. Although those who support the legislation have “their hearts in the right place … their methods won’t succeed for the goals they have in mind,” Garrett said during her interview with Bloomberg.