Ten-Minute Playfest Fills Schwartz’s Black Box


I have always loved intimate theatre spaces, especially black box theatres, so I may be a little biased when I say that having Ten-Minute Playfest in the Schwartz’s black box was a brilliant idea — but it definitely was. On Saturday night, the audience of about 100 people was buzzing with excitement over the six plays they were about to see and they were not disappointed. As we took our seats and the lights dimmed, the entire cast came out and sang a cover of Chicago’s “Cellblock Tango” to remind audience members what they should and should not do during the performance, perhaps the most effective and memorable way I have ever been told to shut my phone off during a show. And then, of course, the plays started and I was blown away. The first play, On the Brink, directed by performing and media arts Ph.D candidate J. Michael Kinsey Ph.D ’19, was definitely my favorite.