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GUEST ROOM | Hollywood, Brutality and Black Lives Matter

This petition seeks to address the exclusion of Black people in key scenes behind the media which reinforces systematic racism among police and the nation as a whole. The United States has had a rash of police killings of Black people. Part of the reason police kill Black people is because they stereotype all Black people as thugs. This is how the media represents us. Not just news media, but within film and television as well.

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WILK | Bull and Bookclubs: The Higher Ed Response to Bigotry

A four-hundred-year history of American racial brutality has streets across the country demanding change. And yet unresponsiveness is still being wrapped up aesthetically as a concession. Instead of taking action, various establishments rely on sundry statements from the atonement assembly line to quiet rebellion and save face. Police murders and anti-Blackness are being met with a golden age of apology, in which Cornell is disappointingly and unsurprisingly participatory. Racism, and the magnitude of its gruesomeness, is uncapturable.

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GUEST ROOM | Don’t Stand With Me! Stand In Your Lane and Do Right!

The global fury unleashed against police brutality and anti-Black racism in the United States is unabated. As Gil Scott-Heron once said, “America is once again in shock! America leads the world in shocks. Unfortunately, America does not lead the world in deciphering the causes of shocks.” The country has been forced, once again, to do some soul-searching intended, presumably, to decipher the cause of this shock. It is unlikely that this search is deep.