Bond 24: Quite the Spectre-cal

Put it away, naysayers. I’m sick of people telling me there’s something wrong with liking pop entertainment. It doesn’t have to have a fabulously deep agenda like Mad Max: Fury Road or dispense with traditional narrative or even refuse to follow formula to be entertaining. Quit pointing out the plot holes in Interstellar and the corny dialogue in Gravity and just shut up and watch the movie, because you might have fun. A Bond movie, fans should know, requires strict suspension of disbelief, so check your intellect at the door and get ready to enjoy a long, lavish extravaganza that has everything you could possibly want from 007.

BERKOWITZ | Regarding 007 and Race

The dry vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, the Aston Martin, the womanizing, the suave secret agent who saves the day — these are the things that make Bond, Bond. What about being white, is that part of the 007 persona? Well sure, every actor that has played Bond has been white, but is being white integral to being Bond? Depends on who you ask. There are traditionalists who say Bond is white, end of discussion.