Bryan Walters ’10 Brings Ivy League to the Big League

When Bryan Walters ’10 was a punt and kick returner and wide receiver at Cornell, the offensive game plan was simple: throw the ball in Walters’ general vicinity and he’ll somehow be able to come down with it and make something special happen. After four years of stat sheet stuffing numbers and highlight reel plays, Walters got a call from the San Diego Chargers that changed his life. “[I saw] some random number on my phone,” Walters says. “I answered it and they said ‘hey, how would you like to be a San Diego Charger?’ That was very cool to me, it made me realize the dream is possible.”

Now a wide receiver on the Jacksonville Jaguars, Walters has played for four N.F.L. teams and has been to two Super Bowls. This year, he’s had more opportunities at receiver than ever before, and he’s accumulated 228 receiving yards in six games for the Jaguars.