Rulloff’s: A Premature Goodbye

When I first went to Rulloff’s, located on 411 College Ave back in February, I thought I would be saying goodbye to the bar and restaurant since its building is set for demolition at the beginning of this summer to make room for an apartment complex. Unfortunately, we would instead be saying goodbye to Rulloff’s, like many other restaurants, as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Plastered on its doors now are signs that read, “Due to the coronavirus crisis Rulloff’s is closed until further notice.”
When I dined there, I asked if Rulloff’s would open another location, and the waitress told me they honestly don’t know. However, the answer being “yes” is less likely given the new and upsetting reality all restaurants now face. Whether it was trips to Insomnia Cookies to take a study break, post-prelim boba runs, Chatty Cathy dates with my roommate, frequent and spontaneous stress-prompting trips to Mango Mango or celebrations at Koko — Collegetown restaurants have always been there for me during my time at Cornell.

The Glenwood Pines: A Feat of Strength

Howdy! My name is Eric Pearson and I have been an avid cook since I was four-years-old. Being from Manhattan, I was fortunate enough to have access to a wide variety of restaurants through which I could expand my culinary horizons. Ithaca doesn’t offer the variety of food to which I am accustomed and I often pine for my favorite Malaysian and Ethiopian delights, but to no avail. Luckily, the kitchen is a safe haven for food and in this blog I will expound upon a multitudinous array of recipes from a diverse set of cuisines including French, Italian, Spanish, American, and South American and where to find the ingredients for these dishes. I will also point out the flaws of most restaurant varieties of these dishes and how to avoid these mistakes.