DELGADO | Facilities, Friends and Fantasy: What Truly Matters?

Last semester, I met one of my closest friends. We were in a computer science class, filled with approximately 700 other students. Our rather comical teacher always made the class enjoyable and invigorating in our poorly lit auditorium in Statler. Yet, tucked behind his big friendly smile, my friend was suffering from depression, an illness that plagues many on the Cornell campus. I always sought to make sure that I could be there for him, especially given the fact that I myself haven’t had the easiest transition into the Ivy League.

Students Reimagine Campus Space from ‘Half-Built’ Ideas

From bacteria-driven energy collection to shade and light analysis of Uris Hall to mental health space on campus, 13 groups of students across multiple majors and colleges gave four-minute presentations on how Cornell’s campus could be reimagined at the Half-built event last week.