LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The ‘Reasonable’ Far-Right Comes to Cornell?

To the editor:

Time and time again, centrist media pundits have used their platforms to bemoan President Donald Trump’s crudity. They wax nostalgic about the good old days of “respectable Republicans,” harking back to a fictional recent past in which “honorable men” from both parties ruled the country. Such venerable men include the likes of war criminal former president George W. Bush, America’s Butcher of Baghdad. At least this good Christian man didn’t spew vulgarities and tweet-storms while authorizing massacres in the Middle East, right? When the Cornell Republicans announced their intent to invite former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to campus, we can’t say that we were surprised.

Univ. May Influence Future of Canadian Farmers’ Market

A 137-year-old farmers’ market in the small city of Orillia, Canada might lose its land, and Cornell University may be the only actor able to save it. As a result of an 1872 covenant drawn by Mr. Goldwin Smith, Patrick Kehoe, a concerned Orillia resident, is now appealing to Cornell to become the “Guardian of the Covenant.”

Oh, My Stars!

Storming the florally adorned set of the State Theatre Friday evening, Toronto based indie pop group Stars immediately brought four fifths of the crowd to their feet. Building a swirling hurricane with golden organ and tin-laced percussion; the velvety vocal of Amy Millan weaved the band’s inaugural track.