Purring and Kneading Locally-Sourced “Biscuits” at the Alley Cat Cafe

After spending time with the cats, you can order the purrfect drinks, sandwiches and treats to satisfy your taste buds —or perhaps cope with not leaving with one of the cats that has sat on your lap for 20 minutes and began making biscuits on your hoodie. One thing you may not know about this cafe, however, is how deeply it’s connected to its community. According to the owner, Kristin, Alley Cat Cafe works with a diverse list of small businesses specializing in a wide variety of goods. 

PAPPAS | Reigning Cats and Dogs 

Last weekend, I made the best decision of my academic career: I got a cat. Although I’d like to spend the next several hundred words talking about how amazing my cat is (because she really is amazing), I won’t. Instead, I’ll discuss the value of having a pet in college.