Naturalization Ceremony Takes Place for New U.S. Citizens

In the first naturalization ceremony in 2020, 35 people from 24 countries became new U.S. citizens, renouncing any and all alliances to their home countries. The new citizens widely agreed that they were cited to be able to vote.

Citizen Scientists Lead Wildlife Conservation Effort With New App

Touchdown, Cornell’s unofficial mascot, is the only red bear in New York. But the state is home to at least 6,000 to 8,000 black bears, spread across all forms of terrain. Tracking all of them proves to be a significant challenge for New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, the agency tasked with the welfare of these animals. However, the development of a new mobile app at Cornell, named iSeeMammals, could soon revolutionize how data about bears and their presence is collected. “We have approximately 200 research sites every summer across the Southern Tier, but we still can’t get everywhere.