FRIEDMAN | D.C. Dispatch

In D.C., opportunities for internships, networking and exposure to the inner workings of government and politics abound. Though the competition for these opportunities is high and the will to succeed is palpable, the Cornell experience in Ithaca and the residence in DuPont circle both provide tremendous backing for unlocking the district’s offerings. 

One Ring Donuts Seeks New Ownership

“One Ring’s future is sincerely up to the creativity, interest, and skill set of whoever ends up taking on the business next,” store founder Amy Cohen said. One Ring Donuts closed in April due to unexpected circumstances, and plans to reopen under new ownership.

Ithaca Nightlife Returns Amid Continuing COVID Concerns

Even as bars and entertainment venues from Moonies to Lot 10 have restocked their drink selections, welcomed back regulars and flicked on their neon lights, it’s also been a summer of shortened hours and staffing shortages, of fleeting moments without pandemic anxiety and of new waves of caution over the Delta variant.