TAARIQ-SIDIBE | Create a New Cornell

By the beginning of my Fall semester, I realized that I was still a small formation of organic matter, unable to size up the solid giants that roam this campus. I wondered if I would ever be strong enough to shatter the glass ceiling and attain the successes that were expected of me. In order to reach that goal, I had to be willing to push far past my limits and achieve as much as I could, otherwise I would never make it.

GENDLER | We Are What We Pretend to Be

I loved this job because there’s always a story in sports, something beyond the score of the game that brings people together: Triumph, heartbreak, drama, unity, politics. Serving as sports editor was a lesson that at the core of everything is people and relationships. I’ll take with me the importance of telling real people’s stories and how these stories impact real life in ways that make a difference.

BETTEZ | Criticism In Hindsight

I’m even grateful for the most negative and ridiculous comments, which usually lurk under the Facebook posts. For every cruel comment expressing that only men, usually white men, are truly deserving of getting into engineering school there were two or three more comments underneath debating and disagreeing.

STELLA | Seven Saturdays Left

I knew this was coming, all year our class has been interviewing for real-world jobs, buying grown-up pants, figuring out how much of our salary we can spend on the shoebox New York City apartment and googling how long we can stay on our parents’ insurance plans. (If I break my wrist past 27, I’m shit out of luck.) But hearing my friend phrase it in that way shattered the glass for me.