GUEST ROOM | The Climate March to Nowhere

Cornellians on Friday took part in the second climate strike of the academic year. The movement is rooted in the urgent need for climate action, an environmental cause that transcends political ideologies. Yet, many marchers at the last climate strike, including myself, were not aware that the platform of the march also extends to social justice. By tying climate action to other political concerns, global climate strike organizers alienate conservatives on an issue that requires unity. Because of this, I did not march in Friday’s strike and will likely not participate in future demonstrations.

CONTRERAS | How You Look as a Meat-Eater Protesting Climate Change

You skipped class to attend the Global Climate Strike. You gave up plastic straws. You tweet passionately about the Amazon fires (#prayfortheAmazon) and condemn our government and greedy corporations for destroying our planet. You tell people to take shorter showers, to recycle and to ride their bikes. You’re an environmentalist …