SCAZZERO | Storming the Court

It’s almost bracket time for March Madness, which means it’s almost thetime of year for another basketball tradition: storming the court. Storming the court has been a tradition in college basketball for about as long as the sport has been around. The rush of fans onto the court is common at most schools after a monumental game; the crowd goes wild and leaves their seats to go celebrate with their team. It happens so often at the end of a big game that to a spectator it seems relatively harmless — just a way in which the fans get caught up in emotion and show their appreciation for the team. Personally I have never been a part of storming the court, but it seems fun.

LEWIS | March Madness from Sportstradamus

As predicted, the Denver Broncos upset the Carolina Panthers to take home Super Bowl 50. Of course, you would have known that before the game if you would have read my column about The Fate Theory. With football over, it is now time for us to turn our attention to college basketball. With conference tournaments and March Madness quickly approaching, I think I’ll offer up some more of my famous predictions. And as you know now, never doubt Sportstradamus.