How to Throw a Dinner Party: A Guide for the College Student

A few days ago, Pallavi Kenkare ’20 wrote an opinion piece in The Sun about dinner parties, which can be summarized easily with just one of its sentences: “Between the ages of 18 and 22, do not invite anyone over to dinner.” To be completely honest with you, reading Pallavi’s claim that this was the only message to be taken away from her failed attempt made me incredibly sad. Some of my fondest memories here at Cornell are dinner parties that my friends or I have thrown.

KENKARE | Invitation to my Collegetown Dinner Party

There comes a moment in every undergraduate’s life when we aspire to something more. For some, it’s when you’re living in your first apartment in Collegetown. For the more ambitious, it’s when you still inhabit a cramped dorm. Either way, the day comes when you utter five dreaded words: “Let’s plan a dinner party.” Your housemates look at you doubtfully, likely remembering the time you cracked eggs into a pan and forgot to turn on the gas for a wild and confusing half hour. They suggest alternatives: Why not just plan a group outing to Koko?