Cornell Vets Save ‘Mabel’ the Chihuahua

When Mabel — a 16-year-old Chihuahua and longtime patient of Cornell Hospital for Animals — lay close to death while in transit back to the University for treatment in June, small-animal surgery resident Dr. Jared Baum carried out a house call, which extends outside of his expected role. He drove 90 minutes from campus at night to assist her.

A Veterinarian Without Borders: Dr. Jarra Jagne’s International Veterinary Career

The “One Health” initiative doesn’t just apply to a link between doctors and veterinarians. It reflects the need for a global effort to combat epidemics that are as far-reaching as zoonotic diseases. Dr. Jagne firmly believes it is this force, a system of collaboration spanning not just countries but continents that will better prepare the world for the next epidemic.

Rooting for the Horses: A Conversation with Professor Ducharme

Imagine running without being able to breathe. Sounds pretty terrible, right? Unfortunately, this is the reality that many horses suffer through. Seeking to solve this problem, Prof. Normand G. Ducharme, clinical sciences, has revitalized the equine industry with his work on respiratory illnesses in horses. Ducharme got involved with horse medicine when the success rate for helping race horses was low.

GUEST ROOM | Why I Eat Meat

I am a fourth year veterinary student. This month, I’m rotating through Cornell’s Equine and Farm Animal Hospital, where I care for food animals like pigs, cattle, goats and even sheep. The approach is different from treating the family Labrador, but the goals are often the same — to quote part of the Veterinarian’s Oath, “the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering.” The apparent paradox is not lost on me. Though I’ll wake up at 2 a.m. and rush to the hospital for a cow with a uterine torsion, I have no qualms going to Five Guys for a burger at the end of the day. As veterinarians, we are the only health professionals who eat our patients.

Vet School Dean Emeritus, Mentor, Dies at 66

“I am personally grateful for the support and encouragement Dean Smith gave me since I was hired as a faculty member, and especially while I was serving as Interim Dean,” Warnick said in the email. “On behalf of all of us at the college I extend our sincere condolences to Don’s wife Doris, his family and many friends.”