LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: “The Tale of Cornell’s Broken Housing Market”

While I was living in Collegetown, I examined the City of Ithaca zoning map and found that a large swath of the land to the southeast of Collegetown is zoned so that only single-family homes can be built. Single-family zoning is often rooted in racial segregation and contributes to suburban sprawl, environmental destruction and the restricted supply and high housing costs that now plague Ithaca’s rental market.

VALDETARO | Make Collegetown Streets Ducking Safe

Back in Collegetown, make College Avenue, Eddy Street and Dryden Road kinkier. No, this hasn’t suddenly become a Wednesday edition of Sex on Thursday. Instead, I’m referring to bumping out sidewalks to induce what’s called a chicane effect, meaning that drivers are forced to slow down because they can’t drive in a straight line. By further reducing vehicle speeds in and around Collegetown, these changes would make the space reclaimed from cars even more lively, as it would help people sitting at a sidewalk feel safer.

YAO | Small Joys

However, it’s the times where I’ve allowed myself to actively seek out something small to brighten my day that I cherish the most out of my college experience. Last weekend, I dragged myself up 161 steps to the top of McGraw Tower and felt time stand still as I gaped at the view. 

YAO | Cooking Poorly

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the world’s best chef. I try to follow the odd recipe here and there and find kitchen hacks online. Sometimes, when I’m feeling bougie, I’ll look up what foie gras is and then fantasize about winning Masterchef. More often than not, however, my version of cooking involves throwing a bunch of unrelated items into a pan and hoping for the best. 

2 Stay 2 Go 2.0

2 Stay 2 Go, the entirely student-run restaurant that made their debut last semester, is back up and running. With an expanded staff, the business has grown to include more community service, meal donations to help end food insecurity in Ithaca and a catering program.