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Coal Yard Cafe: Warming the Soul

For decades, 143 Maple Avenue served as the business office for a series of companies tasked with distributing coal to the city of Ithaca. Today, it continues to warm the bodies and souls of students and residents, albeit in a far more tasty manner.

The Nines — a former evening hot-spot and beloved pizza place — has been sold.

The Nines Property Sells to Local Developers in $3 Million Deal

Co-owners Mark Kiel­mann ’72 and Harold Schultz ran the business for almost 40 years, serving up deep-dish pizza and trivia nights to students and local Ithacans alike. Their retirement plans — sale of the property for housing development to Visum, another local developer — were pushed back, however, after the Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission filed a proposal to designate the property as a historic landmark in 2017.

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VALDETARO | How Cornell Can Help Combat Ithaca’s Housing Crisis

As the spring semester kicks into gear — and essays, problem sets and prelims become the first and foremost concerns for many students —  freshmen will have another task that demands their attention: finding housing for next year. As Christian Baran noted in The Sun last semester, such a task quickly becomes formidable due to a dearth of not only information, but of good options, as evidenced by The Sun’s reporting on a student sleeping in Uris Library last semester due to his housing situation. These housing issues don’t just stop at the borders of Cornell’s campus, though. The housing market is warped and inhospitable to residents throughout the entirety of Ithaca. With under half of the University’s undergraduate students housed on campus, half of the city’s apartment market is occupied by students.

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PIETSCH | The Rent is Too Damn High

Conditions in Collegetown lately seem to echo a sentiment proclaimed by Jimmy McMillan, who ran for governor of New York in 2010: “The rent is too damn high.”

Humorous campaign slogan aside, this has become the mantra of Cornell students as well, as rent rates for apartments in Collegetown have increased substantially over the past several years. According to The Ithaca Times, in 2014, Ithaca was ranked 11th on The New York Times’ list of most expensive United States cities, just one spot behind the nation’s financial capital of New York. This accompanied a report released by the Urban Institute in 2015, which revealed that about 44 percent of American renters spent over 35 percent of their income on rent in 2010. The rent issue is a result of too many students searching for too few off-campus housing options. Over half Cornell’s 14,000 undergraduate students live off campus, and Cornell’s on-campus facilities cannot accommodate the demand for housing.