Cornell Alumna Awarded Prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

Widely considered one of the most prestigious honors a student can earn, the Rhodes Scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship that provides students the ability to study at the University of Oxford without paying tuition fees and receive an annual stipend of £13,000. The Scholarship bears the name of British businessman and politician Cecil John Rhodes, who founded the award over a hundred years ago in the hopes of bringing English-speaking nations closer together.

Wings Over the Competition: How Four Cornell Alumni Came to Own Their Favorite Food Spot

Right after college friends’ Dan Levya ’14, Kevin Mok ’14, Raunak Nirmal ’14 and Mike Wang graduated from Cornell and moved to New York City, their dream was to bring their favorite Cornell restaurant into their adult lives and open a Wings Over branch in The City. After several events — restaurant closings and openings and franchise takeovers — they are now business partners and in charge of the entire Wings Over corporation.