LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: ‘Committee Delays Announcement of 2019 Convocation Speaker’

To the Editor:

We, the Class of 2019 Convocation Committee, are saddened to write an article of this nature, but we must address the factual inaccuracy, journalistic harassment and derisive spirit The Sun has exhibited in the past 24 hours. The Sun is acting in opposition to the Class of 2019 Convocation Committee, whose mission is to provide a unifying and celebratory Convocation Ceremony for the entire campus community. The Sun shared potentially confidential information without any regard for the legal or community-wide consequences after bombarding Convocation Committee members with messages and calls. The Sun demonstrated a refusal to respect the work of their peers and University administration despite explicit requests to collaborate on any Convocation-related communication. First and foremost, releasing potentially confidential information could jeopardize our contracting process with the outside speaker and takes away from the celebratory nature of the speaker reveal.