A Scoop of Tradition: The Special Ice Cream Flavors Made for Cornell’s Presidents, Deans and More

The Dairy Bar has a tradition of dedicating ice cream flavors to important figures, such as University presidents, college deans and special guests. Cornell’s current president Martha E. Pollack is just the most recent continuation of this unique custom: Her “Bits and Bytes” flavor gets its tongue-in-cheek name from her artificial intelligence research.

Clocktower Pumpkin: More Than a Prank

Now, 22 years later, as an homage to this piece of Cornell lore, the Cornell Dairy Bar has brought back their seasonal fall flavor: Clocktower Pumpkin; a pumpkin-based ice cream with cinnamon and nutmeg seasoning. It’s like pumpkin pie without the crust. Available at the Dairy Bar, it’s the bright orange flavor; you can’t miss it.

Cornellians Gather On Ag Quad for Picnic

Thousands of Cornellians gathered on the Ag Quad for a picnic following President Elizabeth Garrett’s inauguration on Friday to celebrate their new leader in a festive setting. The Big Red Marching Band lead the procession of students, faculty, alumni and local residents to the Ag Quad after the completion of the inauguration ceremony on the Arts Quad. There, attendees enjoyed box lunches containing a chicken or portabella mushroom wrap, cole slaw, chips and an apple and lounged on checkered blankets and hay bales, according to a University press release. The dairy bar’s new ice cream flavor in honor of Cornell’s 13th president — 24 Garrett Swirl — also debuted at the community picnic. The ice cream combines hints of chocolate, caramel and mocha with fudge truffles, and was inspired by some of Garrett’s favorite flavors, according to the University.