Salute to Café Jennie

I got my job as a writer for the dining section of The Sun about the same time I got my job working at Cornell Dining’s Cafe Jennie, each about 17 years after developing my love for food. In one, I wrote of my appreciation for Ithaca’s food scene, defined by restaurants, diners and groceries that never cease to surprise and impress as they rival the best of big cities and small towns across the country. In the other, I learned to appreciate both the world of food service and, perhaps above all, my team in that little corner of The Cornell Store.

COLA Brings Sweatshop Issue to Cornell

The problem of sweatshop labor met the ivory tower on Tuesday in Ives Hall, as representatives from a closed Honduran Russell Athletics factory pleaded for students to support them in their crusade against the clothing giant.
“This particular factory went through a particularly hard battle to recognize a union,” said Marlene Ramos ’09, a member of the Cornell Organization for Labor Action who also helped translate the Spanish dialect of the workers.