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GUEST ROOM | Using Our Dollars for Change: Cornell for Black Lives

In 2012, Trayvon Martin, wearing a grey hoodie, went to the store and purchased an Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles. On his way home he was killed by George Zimmerman, who would later be acquitted of all charges. When Martin was killed, I was 12 years old in the sixth grade. To honor his memory, my classmates and I wore hoodies and bought Arizona’s & Skittles from the corner store across the street before school started. Later that day we sat in our middle school lunchroom and discussed the case.

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GUEST ROOM | A Pandemic Struck, and Man Forgot his Best Friend

Whether people know it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified an anthropocentric view that most people already had. There has always been a kinship between human beings and animals, whether it be through pets or zoos. After all, the way a person treats their pet dog or cat can likely predict how they will treat another person. These animals are not viewed as wild animals, but as companion species. We have a kinship toward them and treat them as though they are one of us, a part of our family.

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: ‘Cornell Needs to Postpone the Fall Semester’

To The Editor:

Deepti Talesra ’21 and Paula Amols ’75  both make great arguments for not opening the University this fall. There are issues regarding the quality of education online, issues of comradery, and significant financial burdens to Cornell University, Ithaca and the student body. We do not have a crystal ball; we have flawed changing models of the pandemic’s progress and a ton of unknowns as to what will or may happen this fall and coming winter.  Coming out of shelter-in-place too early will likely lead to a second wave of disease and death beyond anything we personally have ever experienced. Physically calling students back from all over the world where the virus is at various stages of infection could present a significant health problem for the Cornell and Ithaca communities. Experts and data suggest that a vaccine will not be available this year and maybe not be fully available until later next year.

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YANG | Weifeng the Freshman

I have always claimed, to those who know me, that my college experience here at Cornell has followed a healthy upward trend. My best semester was probably last semester. As a senior, I was truly living my time. I have found my community in Cornell Republicans and Cornell Political Union, among friends and mentors, often acting like an old man telling stories of the past (which, frankly, is just three years away). I found my voice here at The Sun, as the Chinese columnist annoyingly acting out his “Chineseness,” and daring to, for the first time, share my subversive thoughts about my beloved motherland with the public.

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WILK | The Unusual Business of Feelings and Finals

It’s finals season. Sort of. Which means I’m very busy gnawing pen caps beyond recognition, trying to figure out where the hours I promised to dedicate productivity ran off to and how my caffeine-high lent itself to more characters tweeted than words typed into docs. Evidently, and despite the circumstances that occupy the greeting of every email I’ve written since March, it seems my end-of-semester business is proceeding as usual. I mean, it isn’t.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: ‘Trump Could Learn a Thing or Two from Bush’

We can aspire to have President Trump look up to better crisis managers than George W. Bush, as is urged by the Sun’s recent opinion piece. When former President Bush released his video statement on the coronavirus, I appreciated it; why not? He said something thought out, smart and agreeable. But as awesome as unifying rhetoric may be and as necessary as it is from the President of the United States, it’s a low bar to meet. Crisis management isn’t just putting out a good statement — it’s taking real action.