Moseying: Exploring Collaborative Cooking in Cornell Co-ops

On Sunday, Feb. 11, Cornell’s undergraduate co-ops kicked off their Spring 2024 moseying process with a series of open houses. From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m, potential new residents were welcomed to eight different Cornell-affiliated housing units for a brief tour and a closer look into cooperative (co-op) living. Moseying, a long-time tradition amongst the co-ops, is a casual two-week recruitment period. It involves social events from late night crafts to collaborative dinners, resulting in selecting new co-op residents for the upcoming semester.

Gutting the Conversation Around Food, Body and Health

Editor’s Note: This piece mentions disordered eating behaviors. Trying to eat healthily and consistently at college is a daunting task for anyone. It becomes a monumental task when faced with health issues that warrant food restrictions and limitations and few resources to go around. Over the past year, I’ve learned that a lot of –– what I previously considered to be –– physical symptoms of anxiety and stress, were mostly pre-existing gastrointestinal (GI, a fancy way to say “stomach”) issues. My relationship with food has waxed and waned to an occasionally toxic degree; I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one.

Behind the Scenes of Cornell Dining: Meet Tashi Mondak

BY Noga Tenzin and Daniela Rojas

Tashi Mondak, who has worked as a Food Service employee at Cornell for over eight years, offers a perspective to students regarding the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of Cornell Dining: the time, effort and energy it takes to work in dining often goes unnoticed. What is unnoticed should often be appreciated, especially in the world of food service. Mondak’s role has changed overtime, from Statler hotel as dishwasher, to working in Mac’s Cafe and Cornell Catering, to his current job in Morrison Dining. He notes the differences in atmosphere within a particular eatery is largely dependent on the number of diners that come on a daily basis. Mac’s Cafe typically only has 1,000 people per day, whereas Morrison Dining can have up to 5,000.

POGGI | Eulogy for the Mac’s Salad

Everyone has their routines. The unchanging route you take to class. Laundry on Tuesdays and grocery shopping on Saturdays. Sock, sock, shoe, shoe. One of my favorite routines of my past two years at Cornell has been my weekly Mac’s salad. The customization options created a meal tailored to your tastes; if you ignored the BRB acceptance and the Statler interior, one could almost imagine this was an off-campus meal. So when I returned to campus this fall, excited to indulge in one of my most grounding routines, I was dismayed to see the salad bar had been replaced by grab-and-go options. I reached out to Cornell Dining to learn more.

Aunt Flow’s Kitchen Disrupts the Flow of Menstrual Stigma

Growing up with gut-twisting menstrual cramps, Armita Jamshidi ‘25 (majoring in Computer Science and College Scholar, focusing on the intersection between entrepreneurship and women’s health) knew one thing: she didn’t deserve to suffer through her pain. Uncomfortable with the possible long-term consequences of traditional pain medication, Jamshidi instead relied on her grandma’s soothing Middle-Eastern recipes. Inspired by these recipes, she launched her small business in 2022 as She Balls. Now known as Aunt Flow’s Kitchen, her company is dedicated to helping menstruators mitigate period cramps with grandma-approved “Cramp Bites.”

Coming to Cornell, Jamshidi was unable to replicate her comfort foods due to there being no Middle Eastern grocery stores in a local radius. As her cramps worsened, she ended up in the E.R. and struggled to get through daily life.

Under $10 Dining at The Ithaca Farmers Market

An explosion of aromas rattle your senses upon arrival at the Ithaca Farmers Market. If you’re on a limited lunch budget, it’s hard to choose the perfect stand. However, hidden amongst a jungle of ranging delicacies are not only some of the best dishes in Ithaca, but the best deals.

Kelly’s Dockside: A Seaworthy Diner or a Sinking Establishment?

TripAdvisor has Kelly’s ranked #130 out of 138 restaurants listed in Ithaca, ranking #64 out of 65 for American restaurants. Immediately, I thought this was a hot take. I have made the occasional visit to Kelly’s for brunch and have always enjoyed it. What was I missing? I realized that the disconnect may not lie in the restaurant, but in the meal itself — I have only ever experienced Kelly’s brunch. I never got a chance to see what else they had to offer. So, on a warm, sunny evening in March, two friends and I set out Kelly’s Dockside to review their dinner.