A Dining Conversation with Matthew Merrill

Take something simple from basic materials and elevate it to the next level. You can learn so much about what you can do. You can build nutritional awareness by eating Ramen and supplementing it with an egg. You can also eat Ramen with pork or a rotisserie chicken you bought from the grocery store and make sure it is well seasoned for a delicious meal.

Shi Miao Dao: A New Collegetown Staple

Walking in for a casual, Friday afternoon lunch, on Nov. 4, we were pleasantly surprised to see the establishment was quite busy. We were greeted and sat down at one of the few rows of wooden tables. We were then handed menus, much of which were in Mandarin. We noticed the waiters spoke Mandarin, the background music was in Mandarin and many of the students seated also seemed to speak Mandarin. It was an authentic environment, to say the least, but we could see how it could be overwhelming for someone’s first time. 

Pumpkin pie, one of the many scrumptious pumpkin products

Pumpkin Products You Need to Try That are not the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

The trees slowly change from green to red, yellow and orange. The temperatures drop and the sweaters come out. Fall is here! Out come the pumpkin decorations and the pumpkin spice latte orders from people celebrating the season. However, I argue that in order to truly celebrate fall, we must not give all our attention to the pumpkin spice latte, but should instead prioritize other pumpkin products that truly make you feel cozy during the fall weather.

The Ithaca McDonald’s: Busiest Location in the State?

It’s no secret that the Ithaca McDonald’s is busy. I can comfortably say that I have consistently waited for over 20 minutes in the drive-through line most times I’ve gone (excluding the midnight snack runs). In fact, the Ithaca McDonald’s drive-through is regarded by locals as one of the busiest drive-throughs in the state. As a frequent patron of the Ithaca McDonald’s drive-through myself, I needed to find out a bit more about what makes our McDonald’s drive-through different. Before proceeding further, it is important to note that Ithaca has two McDonald’s locations.

First-Year Student Athletes Share their College Experience

As first-year students across campus have spent the first half of their first semester forming friendships, first-year student athletes are also building relationships with their teammates, often by eating together. Winter Wallace ’26, a member of the men’s ice hockey team, explained that the team finished practice at 5:30 p.m. two days per week and at 6 p.m. two days per week, but smoothies, stretching, saunas and ice baths after practice mean that he arrives at North Campus dining halls around 8 p.m.

Because many team practices run as late as 8 p.m., Cornell Dining provides dining options and spaces for these team meals to occur, even after practice is over. Evan Nesmith ’26, a member of the football team, said that although there are options on campus that ensure teams can eat, he still wishes for longer dining hall hours. Most dining halls close between 7-9 p.m., sending student athletes to late night eateries like Bear Necessities instead. 

Caleb Straayer ’26, a member of the men’s track team, agreed with Nesmith, but acknowledged that there are challenges with keeping the dining hall open later. He is optimistic about a potential solution. “It’d be great if they could be open ‘til later although I am aware, of course, of the staffing issues, so somehow finding a way around that problem would definitely be beneficial for student athletes,” Straayer said.

Must-Have Snacks For Your Dorm

As my first year at Cornell comes to an end, I find myself with a collection of make-shift recipes for snacks and meals that fueled my body over the busy months of the school year. Multiple times, I’ve found myself with a hungry stomach and limited time to fill it, influencing me to look for quick and easy snacks. Below are some of my favorite recipes and snacks that are perfect to make in a limited space and time frame. 

Frozen grapes 

Frozen grapes are a simple and easy snack when you are craving a bit of sweetness but don’t want anything too heavy. Simply buy a pack of grapes or find some in the dining halls, put them in a Ziplock bag and pop them in the freezer. After a couple of hours, they should be ready to eat!

The Secret Side of Professors: Their Snacks of Choice

We as humans end up thinking about food a lot during class. Perhaps you’re craving your favorite dining hall’s greasy, yet delicious cheese pizza that awaits you. Maybe you’re regretting the Okenshield’s taco as you anxiously eye the door. Or maybe you were proactive, as you secretly slip bites of a cookie, fruit or nuts into your mouth as you attempt to keep up with the lecture slides. But something I only recently started to ponder, and I speculate many Cornellians neglect, is what our professors choose to snack on.

MEHLER | The Return to Fieri & Ramsay

The suite encompassess our personalized touches around a small knee-high table stacked with green to-go containers and plastic cups. Our small area compiles an assortment of a small couch, an armchair, an ottoman, a couple of home-brought chairs and our suite mascot, Steven the Reptile (we still dispute whether he is an alligator or crocodile). Nonetheless, we dine in our home-sweet-home dining room. But at the head of the table sits our most regular guests at dinner: Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsey.