HUBSHER | From Hitting Girls to Killing Kids

When I was younger, I thought the idea of two guys fighting over me was very Shakespearean and dreamy. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that fighting over a girl was just a concept that men have romanticized to excuse their toxic masculinity, violent tendencies and feelings of ownership over women. And no two guys have ever liked me at the same time, but that is beside the point. When violence and romance become entangled it is usually a bad sign. Earlier this month, Nikolas Cruz used an AR – 15 to kill 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

BARELY LEGAL | The Right to be Free From Domestic Violence

In 2014 and 2015, six local governments in Tompkins County passed resolutions recognizing freedom from domestic violence as a fundamental human right. Nationwide, 26 county, town and municipal governments have also recognized this right through resolutions or proclamations. By adopting these resolutions, the public bodies recognized that it is the duty of all levels of government to prevent and respond to domestic violence in the community. In an effort to put into action the principles of the resolutions, the Advocacy Center of Tompkins County, Cornell Law School’s Global Gender Justice Clinic, the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice, the Tompkins County Office of Human Rights and the Tompkins County Human Rights Commission focused on strategies for implementing these resolutions to ensure direct and meaningful protections for survivors of domestic violence in our community. The group identified two concrete ways to implement the resolutions: domestic violence and the workplace guidelines for employers in Tompkins County, and a study of county and local responses to domestic violence, including the availability and delivery of services to survivors.

DENSON | Domestic Violence: The Ugliest Problem in Sports

I’m of the mindset that at our core we use sports as a catharsis of sorts, but this idea becomes harder to support when heroic athletes become anti-heroes. The period of complacency towards athletes who abuse women has gone on far too long. It is time for these violent offenders to join the Hall of Infamy with all those we choose to erase from our memory.

Cayea Faces Trial for Shannon Jones ’15 Murder Friday

Jury selection for the trial of Benjamin Cayea — a 32-year old accused of murdering his girlfriend Shannon Jones ’15 in her home last Thanksgiving — began Tuesday in Tompkins County Court. His trial is expected to begin Friday. Benjamin Cayea allegedly strangled Jones, an independent major in the College of Engineering, in her Cayuga Heights home on Nov. 27. He was indicted with one count of second-degree murder on Dec.