‘Brrrito’ No More

What’s better than reaching into a warm bag of Dos Amigos tortilla chips on a cold Ithaca night? How about enjoying your Mexican cuisine in the warmth of a new indoor location? Dos Amigos, a flavorfully creative and exceptionally executed late-night Mexican food truck currently situated on the corner of Dryden and Eddy in Collegetown, is expanding into a brick and mortar location at 304 College Ave — previously Stella’s restaurant — this upcoming winter/spring season.

Dos Amigos: Let’s Taco ’bout Expansion

If you were to ask the hungry customers who patiently wait in line by the truck, any one of them can testify that the amount of creativity that goes into the names of the food is equally met by the amount of care and flavor of the food itself. And while all the items on the Dos Amigos menu are spectacular, a bevy of new artists have risen to newfound stardom, and multiple albums have been released since 2015, when the truck first hit Ithaca’s roads and found its permanent resting place in front of Cascadilla. Let’s look at some of the potential new items that Dos Amigos could add to their already stellar menu, while continuing the hip-hop/rap theme:

Food Truck Frenzy: A Review of Frannie’s, Louie’s Lunch, Dos Amigos, and That’s How I Roll

I’m sure you’ve noticed an abundance of food trucks both on and around Cornell’s campus. My goal is to visit each and to try their most popular item, but in this article I decided to focus on just a few that are more accessible to students. They are listed in the order I ate at them, not based on quality. Each has its own unique culinary point of view and is able to accomplish something the others can’t.