KEMPFF | The Driving Battle on Buffalo Street

I brace myself everyday for the feeling. Bump bump bump crash. 

It’s part of the daily battle that drivers in Collegetown know all too well. It’s the fight down Buffalo Street. Crumbling concrete and constant potholes create a dangerous mix that punishes my car’s suspension on a daily basis. 

This scene, unfortunately, is interchangeable with many in Collegetown. Driving in Ithaca can often be a challenge, from the lack of parking in the Commons to the constant uphill climbing. But a lack of maintenance on Collegetown streets, particularly in the area surrounding Stewart Avenue, is a major concern for student drivers.

VALDETARO | The Mandate We Really Should Be Ending

A set of policies which all but requires people to have their own personal vehicle in order to meet their basic needs, the driving mandate isn’t stated explicitly anywhere. Despite this, if you need a car to get groceries, go to medical appointments, commute to work or school or spend time with friends and family in a reasonable manner, you too are under the despotic rule of the driving mandate.