LIEBERMAN | Embracing Loneliness

I left a time capsule in the closet of my first home, a shoe box filled with things that I loved as a six-year-old and notes of encouragement for the person I would become years, and years, and years down the line. I watched Bo Burnham’s new movie Eighth Grade last night, which hesitates around the idea of time capsules — but, even more specifically, around the idea that there is some better, cooler you, waiting around the bend of a few years. The idea that we are just a few years away from shedding this crippling loneliness, or crippling social anxiety, or crippling anxiety — whatever it might be; this pain is temporary. My brother started his freshman year of college a few days ago. He’s doing great, he really is.

The Best, Worst and Most Surprising Movies of the Summer

1) What was the best movie you saw this summer? Lev Akabas: My second viewing of Avengers: Infinity War. Seriously, that movie is still the topic of a good chunk of my film-related conversations nearly three months after its release, and there’s rarely a dull moment in it, even on the rewatch. If I had to pick a favorite from the summer, though, it would be Bo Burnham’s wholesome Eighth Grade, which manages to depict how Generation Z adolescents hide behind their social media personalities without portraying its subjects judgmentally. Ashley Davila: While marketing for many action movies uses the term “epic” to describe every stunt and globe trotting adventure, few movies are deserving of the descriptor.